MU$$$A MUSIC LOGO Creation

Mu$$$A Music Logo Deshawn

This is MU$$$A MUSIC The Indie Label.



Streaming Changed The Game Gif

Streaming-Changed-The-Game.psd-Deshawn-DawkinsSo I researched for a social issue and found out that streaming companies are making more money than CDs that are sold in stores. But the issue is that some artist aren’t being paid by streaming companies for playing the artist music. I’m surprised that streaming companies are trying to screw artist like record labels. I also learned that record labels maybe won’t exist in the next 5 years because they’re losing money because of streaming.I chose to research this because I’m a artist myself and I’m trying to learn the business before I enter it.

5 ways to create a record label

 A record label is a brand or trademark associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos. I want to teach people and musicians how to create a record label because its another way to earn a lump-some of money up money at least a million so you can buy you a location for your record label.The reason you should save up is so you can start off big and you wont have to go through struggles.


2.Learn the music business before you sign artist.The way you can learn the business is by purchasing the booked called  All You Need to Know About the Music Business.


3.Get a advanced photoshop user to create your label design. The way to find the photoshop user is by searching on instagram for one.


4.Make little cards with your name,number,email,label design,and location of record label building.The way you make your business cards by creating it on computer at


5.Go search for artist and make deals that a artist needs. The way you can search for artist are on youtube,instagram,and at local shows.


 A record label is a brand or trademark associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos.Now you have the steps to be successful and create your dream record label.

Snapchat On Top

Snap Chat talks of creating a wearable tech game.They paired with other companies such as microsoft to help create this device. Its supposed to be a headset game for the app.Snapchat has no release date for it but they are sure they are gonna make.Right now if they create this headset game they could take a W against instagram.

Who is MU$$$A ?

“If you don’t build your own dream, someone will hire you to build theirs”. This quote is relevant to my life because If I want be successful , I have to chase my dreams and work for it and this quote motivates me to not work for someone else and build their dream. What makes me want to be successful is that i want to be amazing and to be noticed that I worked hard to become successful . What makes me wanna be successful is because I want  to experience the world and move family so they can be wealthy without stress and pressure. My passion for music will lead me to success , which will ultimately allow me to help my family .


To me success means wealth, greatness,and being a legend to me.Success is important to me because in DC there are rarely people that become successful due to drugs in the streets or deaths from set claiming. Success is all I dream of. When I see the drug addicts on the corner, I consider them as my motivation to work hard and never give up. I use not having what I want as a motivation to go get what I desire. I use my mom’s stress and pain as a motivation because I want to move her from the streets.I will chase success by working on my hip-hop artist career and building a record label. I also want a good business education.


Music to me means expressing how you feel and what you see. Music is important to me because I came up in a musical household listening to hip-hop , my musical idols are meek millI,G herbo,Jadakiss,Jay Z,Joey Bada$$,and Young Pappy. I always wanted to be a lyricists and to make great music . Music helps me get things off my mind and it helps me get things off my chest. Music is my the first thing I touch when I go home. Music stays in ear everywhere I go and through everything I do. If there was no music, I would probably be a diffrent person and boring.


Family is everything to me. I’m a family man, Family comes first to me. My Family is important to me because they also are my motivation to be successful and give them a better life. My Family also guides me through life when I need help. If I didn’t have family I would probably be lost.
Success,music,and family is what I’m all about me. I started thinking about success when I noticed how blacks are portrayed as people that will never be successful . Also I noticed how the real world will eat you when you’re not chasing the money and dreams. I started thinking about making music when I noticed that I was really in love with and interested with music. Also when I had found out it helps that I could rap and have a ear in music. I will be successful and become a great hip hop artist.